In this menu item you will find all commands to manage the users, clients, roles and directory structures.

Users The list of users is displayed. Users are those who may work with Rillsoft Project with interface to the Rillsoft Integration Server. In the Rillsoft integration server the users may be independent from the clients.


Basically, a resource pool is created for an individual client. According to this, each client should work only with one resource pool. If you want to obtain resources from several resource pools, you should create several clients, accordingly.

Clients share

This function allows you to control whether a user should work with a client or not. If the clients share is not granted for a user, the user sees no client’s information, as if there is no such a client.

Organization Chart

User organization chart displays the hierarchical structure/order for the following areas:

  • Administration

  • Timesheet

  • Vacation planning

User roles

User roles define access rights to:

  • User Management

  • Work with portfolio

  • Work with resource pool

  • Vacation planning

  • Work with iCalendar

  • Work with Timeline


Folders display project landscape per clients. There are virtual structures, which can be created according to any criteria.

Folder roles

Folder roles are directory-dependent and are responsible for the access rights for the following activities:

  • Working with directories

  • Working with projects

  • E-mail notification

  • Time sheet

  • iCalender access