Data Management System (DMS)ΒΆ

Module Data Management System (DMS) allows you to manage project documents.


  • Documents can be stored in the predefined folder structure along with a project, subproject, and task

  • All documents are stored audit proof

  • All document revisions can be retrieved and restored

Access rights

Minimum access rights to read project documents:

  • User roles

    • Read documents

    • Read resource pool

  • Folder Role

    • Read project

The following access rights can be assigned to users as required:

  • User roles

    • Create documents

    • Change documents

    • Delete documents

    • Restore documents

    • Manage folder structure


First, choose Add ons > DMS > Documents.

Here all documents assigned to the projects or their activities are listed.

In the column Action you can:

  • Documents delete.

  • Documents can be displayed

  • Track versioning of a document

  • restore deleted documents


  • When deleting a project, associated documents are also deleted. When restoring from the project, its documents are also restored.

  • Deleted documents are permanently deleted from the data bank after expiration of the retention period.

You can limit the size of inserted documents by client properties, if you click Administration > Clients > Edit

and then enter the big one.

Folder structure

You can freely define folder structure.


  • Document folder structure is managed in Rillsoft Integration Server for entire clients and applies to all projects of the client.

  • When deleting a DMS folder, its documents are moved to the main folder.