Folder rolesΒΆ

Folder roles and the access rights depend on client and folder.

  • Set for what folders and clients access rights should be set by clicking on the symbol button key in the corresponding row.

Note: Root folder access rights are also valid for subfolders, if not otherwise specified.

A dimmed out tick image1 indicates that the access rights of the folder role in the root folder have been defined. All possible actions can be distributed according to the following groups.

Folder structure

  • Create folder

  • Change folder

  • Delete folder

  • Restore deleted folder


  • Create project

  • Read project

  • Change project

  • Delete project

  • Restore deleted project

  • Lock project

  • Unlock project

Email notification

  • Watch project changes

  • Watch milestone change

  • Watch negative effort

  • Watch cross-project links


  • Enter timesheet

  • Accept timesheet


  • API access - allows access to additional Rillsoft Integration Server modules in Internet browser window.

New folder role

After clicking on the button image2 you can create a new folder role.

Edit folder role

After clicking on the icon button image3 you can change a folder role (name and description).