E-mail templates list

After clicking on the button Mail


you can create and edit an e-mail templates list for the client.

The button New e-mail templates allows you to create your own e-mail templates.

In the column Actions


you will find two icon buttons for editing and deleting the predefined templates.

Types of e-mail templates

  • Temporary Password - where you can create templates via the user’s access data.

  • API-access key – where you can create templates via API-access key of users. You need API-access key for modules such as iCalendar, Timeline, Redmine, Vacation Planning, SAP etc.

  • Notify employees about The change of work

  • Notify users about**The change of work**

  • Notify users about The change of milestone dates

  • Notification of users about negative effort

  • Remind employees about ** The upcoming activities**

  • Remind employees about The untimely completed jobs

  • Approval of vacation request

  • Cancellation of vacation request

  • New vacation request received

  • Vacation planning - no approval of vacation request

  • Vacation planning - New vacation request received

  • Vacation planning - Cancellation of vacation request

  • Time sheet - New confirmation received

  • Time sheet - New effort change received

  • Warning for conflicts in the cross-project links


  1. Depending on type of e-mail template you can find different project information in the field Parameters.

  2. In all templates subject and text content can be freely defined from the corresponding available parameters per template.

Edit a template

After clicking on the button Note with a pen


you can edit an e-mail template.